Modern Glamour



Modern Glamour photo sessions are a far cry from the soft glow, diffused images of over made-up ladies in boas circa 1980’s. Modern Glamour images are now very much like what you would you would see in fashion magazines, an updated, contemporary look with high class wardrobe and posing to suit any body type.  These sessions are becoming very popular in the photography industry and I have been shooting them for years.

Instead of bringing just 2 or 3 outfits, I ask you to please bring 5-6 of your most fabulous outfits (more if you like!) for designing a session that will entail all aspects of you.  I will consult you to bring in the most flattering garments for your body type, and coach you in posing so that further amaze you when you see how good you look!  We will even have a consultation at your home, for you to try on your choices, and get feedback, so you’re totally prepared for your session.

I got you Girl, this is going to be a blast and you are going to look amazing!


Modern Glamour images are great for –

  • Executive portraits for personal branding, just need to bring executive clothing & accessories.
  • Studio session with confident, alluring poses, professional make-up and hair styling, and a variety of your ultimate wardrobe pieces
  • Outdoor images with sunlit hair and floral crowns and perhaps a bouquet of flowers.  Your beauty is even more evident with gorgeous flowers in the photo, my studio windows surrounding you with golden light…
  • An incredible make-up and hair experience leading into your photo shoot with expert direction and as many wardrobe changes as we can fit in before you meet your sweetheart for date night, looking and feeling incredible
  • Portraits of you looking fabulous, and then your family joining in for priceless heirloom photography
  • Glam the dress session where you can bring in that fabulous gown you thought you’d only wear once and capture yourself looking as gorgeous as ever
  • Senior or Grad photo session with a supermodel experience and magazine worthy photos that will never look outdated, instead of the usual “senior session” that everyone else will have.
  • Fabulous locations, prime settings, furniture and elements to add extra personality to your photos

Any and all of these ideas are available to customize your own dream photo shoot.

You can bring jeans and a beautiful blouse, business attire along with beaded or flowing silky gown, your wedding dress and a set of vintage lingerie.  It’s up to you how you want to be photographed.  How you want the world to see you, and how you want to be seen.  Your wardrobe choices will dictate the level of quality in your photos, meaning – the finer your garb, the better your images.

My aim in every photo shoot is to take the most amazing portraits of you, so that when you see them, you gasp and say, (as many of my clients do) “Oh my goodness!  They are amazing!”  or “Is that me?!  I can’t believe how beautiful they are!” eyes brimming with tears of joy.  My favorite part of the experience!

At the reveal of your photos, a week or two later, you only buy what you love.  You can have one gorgeous image or all of them, it’s totally up to you.

Each and every girl, young lady, and woman should know just how beautiful they are.  That is how I see them, and that is how I will treat them.  I will connect with them, and capture them through my lens for all the world to know as well!

celebrate who you
are right now
You are amazing. You are unique.
You are beautiful. You deserve an authentic representation of yourself.
Allow me to document the YOU that you want to convey to the world, and capture for yourself, in a professional and polished way.
Images that portray you looking your most fabulous and feeling truly beautiful. Photography with incredible lighting, poses, and wardrobe that accentuate your gorgeous features and unique qualities.