Boudoir & Bombshell

Modern Moxie Photography boudoir sessions empower women to bring their fierce, feminine, sexy and confident sides together in an intoxicating cocktail of power and seduction.  A woman is honoring herself, and the stage in her life, the moment she decides to capture her unique, sensual nature in this art form.

During these shoots, I coach to capture certain elements of passion, mystery and intensity that allow you to discover and explore your feminine complexity in a whole new way.  

You will forever be changed.



After the thrilling photo session, and day of pampering, you will have a variety of gorgeous photos to display or tuck away in fabulous high-quality and luxurious products.   Heirlooms that are customized to your exact specifications to reflect your unique taste and lifestyle.

celebrate who you
are right now
You are amazing. You are unique.
You are beautiful. You deserve an authentic representation of yourself.
Allow me to document the YOU that you want to convey to the world, and capture for yourself, in a professional and polished way.
Images that portray you looking your most fabulous and feeling truly beautiful. Photography with incredible lighting, poses, and wardrobe that accentuate your gorgeous features and unique qualities.